It started with a FIRE!

It was a cold day in January.  I was sitting at my desk reading my favourite food blog to see if Chef John had any new recipes for me to try when I got home. It was a slow day at the dealership, and I thought I was in for a “good” long 8 hour shift of sitting in a customer-less car dealership. That’s when my two managers pulled me aside to talk to me. “It’s not working out, we’re letting you go” they said. “It’s not?” I asked. I found this confusing seeing as I was only in the job for two months, and I was sitting well on the sales board. “What could I have done differently?” I asked. “This just isn’t for you” was all they replied. It was so weird to me, but in hindsight I wasn’t happy there, and maybe they knew. I then had to pack up my stuff, and make the walk of shame to my car… in the cold… which was in the back of the lot. I remember getting into my car, and sitting in the front seat. I knew there was a competing dealership that was willing to hire me on the spot if I went and applied. However, that’s when it hit me: “I want to be a chef”. I spent my days looking up recipes, my nights cooking, and my free time talking about food. I loved to cook and bake, and I loved finding something I couldn’t do, and becoming a pro at it. That’s when I decided to drive home, alter my resume and start working towards becoming a chef. That was just over 3 years ago. Since then I have accomplished so much!For most cooking is a hobby, to others it seems like witchcraft, and to a few unlucky souls, it’s just a pay cheque. I often look back at that cold day, and think about how I got fired, and how awful my life might have been if I had not been. For me cooking is pure happiness.

Which brings me here. I decided to share my insights, and opinions on what it’s like to be a cook on his way to becoming a chef. I am hoping to fill this blog up with reviews, recipes, and short writings. Hopefully you’ll join me for the ride!

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